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Member since: 01/31/13
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She: 37   5'4   225
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    Dominant Single Pansexual BBW - You need to read my profile completely before you contact me. ****

    Short Tag Line:
    Dominant Single Pansexual BBW - You need to read my profile completely before you contact me. ****

    I/We are looking for
    When contacting a Dominant woman the last way you should try to approach her is to talk about nothing but sex and sexual acts. It is a huge turn off and tells said woman you are worth nothing more than a roll in the hay and that there is no reason what so ever to talk to you any further. That unless you are willing to meet her so she can see that you are worth fucking,that she should not waste her time getting to know you any further than your cock.

    I am looking to make some new friends. Hopefully meet up with like minded individuals for friendship.

    My preferences in company:
    -well read and well spoken

    *Yes this is important in swinging as well. If you can't engage what's between my ears, you have a snowballs chance at getting what's between my legs.


    Single Men: I have a stable of men I like to play with who know what I like and how I like to be played with. Occasionally I will add men based on need (if I have to let another go or if I find a man on my bucket list)but I meet those men at parties, not solo. The only person who has pussy on demand privileges with me is my Daddy.

    Couples and Single Women: I have been attracted to men with all body types. Personality does wonders for my attraction to people. I prefer my men more on the fit side and that might be shallow to say that but if I am just going on looks alone that is what I am attracted to. I like zofty rubenesque women - not slovenly. I do like women who are also fit or average height and weight but if you have no breasts ass and hips I have no interest. Please don't be shy when you see me at parties or events.

    Describe Yourself:
    Hi Every one! The Non-Domme/Non-swinger side of me is a female gamer, who loves sci-fi and horror. I am a foodie. I love all types of ethnic cuisines. I love to cook. I love great food and better company.

    I am a mom so living the life style 24/7 isn't ideal. I love sex, I love kink and fetishes and I am very good at being the person in control.

    I also love romance and sensuality. Funny thing about being a Domme is that you rarely get true romance. Subs need to be told what to do and if you have to ask for it and it's not given freely, it kind of takes the zest out of it.

    Luckily I found an amazing Dominant man last year and things are going extremely well.

    I have Black hair (at the moment it is often Auburn) and Hazel eyes. I am a 42DD bra size.

    I am well read and educated and I have a myriad of interests. I enjoy keeping company with people who are of the same or similar caliber.

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    So far as swinging goes I am more of a voyeur then an active participant. Really depends on the mood and my comfort level with the people around me. I have been in the BDSM community since I was a teenager. I am very much a sadist but I have a hard time being extremely cruel to people I love and care for even if they enjoy it. My favorite aspects of BDSM are mental and emotional control. I have been a Domme for almost 20 years. While I have had several experiences with threesomes and some group play I am very much into more intimate settings regarding me participating in actual intercourse.

    For men seeking BDSM: I have lived out all my BDSM fantasies and I am not seeking to fulfill any one else's unless they serve some sort of purpose in my life. Sorry but fuck buddy does not quantify as serving a purpose. You are not getting my expertise or services in this area for gratis. I don't need a house boy or my home repaired or any other bs so save your time and mine. If I had as many cocks sticking out of me as I have being offered to me I would look like a porcupine. So long and short of it: I can pick and choose who I want to do and what I want to do with them.

    For women seeking BDSM: You need to be single or your husband needs to understand that when you are with me that you belong to me. You also need to understand that as well. If I train you, you are going to be used at parties and trained publicly. You will join me as a single female at parties. Not interested in your husband. boyfriend, fiance, partner. No package deals.

    My Fantasies (the ones I have not lived yet or are on going)- I have two things that make me very happy sexually:

    Helping the people I care about to explore their fantasies. I could live the rest of my life with out ever having sex again. I know that is an odd thing to say as a swinger. But my biggest turn on is seeing other people enjoy their sexuality and helping them make their fantasies come true. Of course I have a few left of my own that I want to live out but I have been blessed and spoiled by life so far as sex and sexuality are concerned. I feel it's time for me to pay forward my experience and knowledge so people can share the amazing memories that I have been able to have and create in my life time.

    So far as my fantasies go I prefer to only share them with my boyfriend aka Daddy. As a team when the timing is appropriate we will fulfill them together. A good man is hard to find and a hard man is good to find. Thankfully my Daddy is both.

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    I do not meet one on one at all any longer so do not ask. I will only meet men at events. If you are a single male you will need to impress at least one of my female friends first in front of me as an audition to even obtain an audience with me. So far as couples and single women go I only meet with my partner outside of events. So sorry but no unicorn dates either.

    If I like you then I might play with you at a party. Men who can not perform at parties are sub-par to my skill level and of no interest to me what so ever.

    If you are a couple my Daddy and I need to meet you at an event first. We are very particular with the couples we play with. I do full swap with my Daddy rather then being a 3rd wheel for a girl on girl fantasy. Sorry if any one gets the fmf with me it's my partner.

    I am no longer single. My boyfriend and I swing together but solo dates for us both are a no no. We play solo at parties and events sometimes. Please be respectful in regards to the fact that depending upon the situation I may or may not be comfortable playing. I will advise you that I do watch who goes to certain parties and venues on sls and due to health issues I will not play with people who go to parties I do not feel are safe events. I am extremely selective. I do have a few male play partners (aka Handlers) that I often bring with me to public events for safety purposes. If I say no I am not playing hard to get I mean no. You will be informed of who my handler is at a party and if I am interested.

    I detest "swarmmers" A swarmmer is a man or group of men who are at a party that intrude on play that is in progress. If a woman and a man or a couple of men are playing it is not a free invitation to rock out with your cock out. Give the group or couple adequate space. It is not a free invitation to stick your dick into the mix. Wait until you are asked or invited by the female to join in. If you are part of a group that does this or you do it to me at a party 1) You will never ever have a shot at being with me - EVER, 2) I can not guarantee that you will come away from the experience with all your appendages intact. Long and short of it: Do not put your dick any where near me unless I or my handler have given you permission to do so.

    No bare back, No Pictures or Videos while I am engaged in sexual acts. Don't ask because it will be the last conversation we have.

    *Not interested in Married or attached men who do not play with their wife/girlfriend. Legally separated does not = single.

    *No Certifications and/or Pictures = No Reply.

    Yeah I know I am a bitch. I am an attractive woman who enjoys sex so I can afford to be. You don't like it: don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.